• Affordable Healthcare for Your Pet

    Perrigo Animal Health is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative, quality and affordable healthcare products. Our product pipeline begins with a robust research and development program that includes compliant, state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities as well as turnkey in-house support services.

    Research & Development

    Bottling of shampoo

    Throughout the past decade, Perrigo Animal Health has placed a heavy emphasis on new product innovation through aggressive research and development. The result is a strong pipeline and vast intellectual property that not only sets the company apart, but positions Perrigo Animal Health for future growth across all channels.

    Product development is primarily focused on three pillars of excellence: Flea and tick, health and wellbeing, and formulated treats.

    Flea and Tick

    Perrigo Animal Health’s flea and tick pipeline has an expansive history, originating in the 1960s with the invention of flea and tick collars. This introduction launched the modern era of flea and tick control. Perrigo Animal Health continues to develop novel products including flea and tick sprays for the home, yard and pet, shampoos and powders, topicals and oral tablets that are considered the industry’s gold standard.

    With verified products and competencies, Perrigo Animal Health continues to develop holistic, ground-breaking products for flea and tick treatment, control and prevention.

    Health and Well-being

    As a leading over-the-counter supplier of dog wormers, Perrigo Animal Health has been a key player in the health and wellbeing market since the 1920s. The company has similarly positioned products for joint health care, behavior modification and topical wound treatment.

    In addition to manufacturing advancements in pet health protection, healthcare innovation has proven to be a strong component of Perrigo Animal Health’s success. Recent healthcare innovations include advanced at-home dental health products, scientifically proven pheromone-based behavior solutions and nutraceutical products with proven performance and functional benefits.


    Perrigo Animal Health has developed a wide range of treats for distribution throughout its mass, grocery and drug, dollar, pet specialty stores, and club channels. Through rigorous research and development and product testing, Perrigo Animal Health constantly strives to deliver an extensive variety of healthy, fun and delicious treating options for pet parents.


    Omaha, NE Facility

    Perrigo Animal Health’s Omaha and Kansas City facilities operate in compliance with all regulatory authorities and have received SQF, AIB, FDA, EPA certification. The facilities are also able to be audited by customers with their own standards.


    • QC Labs operate under GLP (good laboratory practices)
    • Registered EPA establishment
    • Registered as an FDA drug manufacturing site

    Kansas City

    • NASC audited and approved for compliance
    • SQF certified
    • Registered by the FDA under the Food Safety Act


    Omaha manufacturing employee

    What sets Perrigo Animal Health’s manufacturing capabilities apart is that, in addition to our institutional knowledge, we offer turnkey solutions on many high-barrier-to-entry healthcare solutions for pets. Perrigo Animal Health offers a variety of manufacturing options that are supported through federal and governmental compliance as well as a state-of-the-art distribution center that is centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska. Various manufacturing options exist for tableting, thermal treat extrusion, liquid filling and packaging products.


    Perrigo Animal Health’s 350,000-square-foot distribution center (DC) contains the latest in distribution capabilities for picking and shipping pet products. The Omaha-based facility serves as the receiving location for all internationally sourced products being stored and distributed by the company and its pick modules with camera readers are utilized to effectively build orders for customers worldwide. Additionally, the DC has the ability to custom package products and to build and load displays for use by retail customers across the U.S.

    The DC facility is located on a major interstate highway system in the center of the U.S., allowing for effective delivery of orders both nationally and internationally.

    In-House Services

    Graphic Services provide graphic support for brands and store brands

    Perrigo Animal Health offers a variety of in-house support services to further provide a turnkey solution to your manufacturing and marketing needs.


    Perrigo Animal Health’s graphics team creates packaging layout and design for your specific needs.

    Information Technology

    Perrigo Animal Health’s IT department has the ability to tailor projects directly to your needs — whether it is product tracking or serialization.

    Consumer Affairs

    Perrigo Animal Health’s in-house consumer affairs department investigates consumer complaints, responds to customer inquiries and monitors the public's perception of your products.


    Perrigo Animal Health has a robust and diverse regulatory group. Our experts manage products that fall into the following regulatory functions:

    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: pesticide products such as flea and tick.
    • Food and Drug Administration: prescription drugs, over-the-counter and grooming products such as shampoo. This also includes CVM feeds.
    • Imports and Exports: supports the international sales department by making sure that product regulation requirements are up to code.
    • Department of Transportation: works closely with Perrigo Animal Health’s research and development team to guarantee product specifications.
    • General consumer: products such as spot and stain remover.
    • Devices: products including flea and tick remover.